First of all, I am new to blogger, (but not a new blogger) so it may take a while to get used to this….

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Claire, and I have created this blog as I really have nothing better to do. There. I said it.

I spend all my time obsessing about fashion, and use it so much in my work that I thought, what better way to get all of it out of my system than start this up. So that is why I am here. I will babble on a bit from time to time, so just ignore those bits, but I hope to give something a bit different. And if your all really nice to me I might just let you all help me out with my Uni work… Deal!?


So let’s break the ice.

I have a new brief already, and I don’t go back to Uni for over a month. It’s based on customising clothes, why we do it, and all the different things that can be done to make our garments different/better/and in some cases weirder.

Anyhow, i’d be really grateful if you could follow me and help me out, let me know if your into customising, and why you do it etc…

In the next few weeks I promise to get better at this, and I’ll start posting some of my stuff for you all to see.

That is all for tonight, be nice!


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