Today I discovered that our hotel in Egypt may not be all its cracked up to be… Saw some reviews this morning that were awful. Bad hygiene, extreme cases of tummy bugs. Basically everything you don’t want to hear about where you’re going to be staying for 2 weeks in 4 days time. Not great. So we tried to change and were rudely told we couldn’t and “It’s a Hilton so it can’t be THAT bad.” Horrible people, lets just say I will be emailing a complaint through at some point, and all calls are recorded so they can’t deny a thing. So it looks like we will be going there regardless. Let’s just hope that the people writing reviews aren’t the majority and are over reacting.


Anyway, so I was rummaging through my huge jewelry box and discovered that I own way too many bangles. The picture only shows about a third of them, and I only wear 3 or 4. Oops.

Also realised that I have only ever read 6 of these books I own. Maybe they will come in handy when i get ill in Egypt and have to stay in my room for 2 weeks….

Painting the office at work was good today. I now have white paint in my hair. Must not forget to wash that out.

Hope everyone is good.


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