I wish I had more money…


… because today I went shopping and it was torture. Trust me to go to the Trafford Centre with no money. I did manage to get a couple of bargains from Zara which should see me through to winter. A lovely coral t shirt with a detachable scarf. I must admit I only bought it for the scarf, and at £5.99 I couldnt resist….even better when I got it to the till and it was reduced to £3.99. BARGAIN ALERT! Also got a gorgeous baby blue oversized silky knit top for £6.99. So all in all not too bad for just over a tenner!

I also spied some beautiful Louboutins and KGs. Heaven! I am a self confessed shoe addict! Wanted to buy a Kate Moss @ Topshop playsuit but sold out in my size 🙁 Hate it when that happens.

Also decided what I’m asking good old Santa for this Christmas. A Toy Watch. No not a kids pretend thing. A “Toy Watch”. That would be one of these babies…. preferably in that colour, but I guess I could settle for white….

Let me know what you think!

I’m off to the land of nod now.

Night all x

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