Greetings from YORK!!!!


I am here finally. Had the most lovely day, shopped, shopped and shopped some more. Took in the sites and now we are relaxing in our gorgeous hotel room.

Bought myself some treats from Topshop, H&M, Jack Wills and Cath Kidston. I will photograph them all and show you at some point next week when I am home.

Also visited Selkie, which is a shop that was featured on Mary Queen Of Shops in 2007. The shop is gorgeous, with collections designed by young designers living in and around York. I’ve got my beady eyes on a beautiful cameo necklace that was handmade here in York, so I think I will pop back and buy that tomorrow! If you haven’t heard of/seen Mary Queen Of Shops, its a television show in which Mary Portas goes to a struggling fashion store and helps turn it round, refurbish it, bring in new collections, and boost sales by a considerable amount. The shop used to be a strange mix of vintage clothes, out of date trends, and an overhaul of weird and wonderful props and ornaments. Now, however, it is a chic and up to date boutique with a vintage boudoir vibe and stunning clothing. The perfect shop for any girl, whatever age. I can’t wait to go back!

So here are a couple of pictures from today. Didn’t get chance to take that many as we were too busy shopping. Or I was shopping, and Dan was being dragged round…

They are just off his iPhone. We will get some decent ones on my camera and I’ll post those when I’m home!

York Minster

Also if you haven’t already looked, or don’t have a lookbook account, here are my first 3 looks that I have posted. They’re pretty amateur compared to some others on there, but I’ll get better. I’m still working out how to work the site. If your interested in joining let me know, I will invite you, as it is an invite only based community. Just comment or message me. The site is here if you want to visit. Go straight to my profile here for info on the clothes. 🙂

That is all lovelies. I may post before I go home as we have free wi-fi, but then again I might not. We shall see!

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