I will be in this beautiful place! I thought I would show you what York is like as I know not everyone will of been there. So these are some pictures from July 2007, when I last visited, with Dan. I can’t get over how young I look on them!

This, I think, is the Shambles, but I could be wrong as I have no descriptions of the pictures, and it is over 2 years since I went. The Shambles is the smallest street there, and as you can see very traditional. All the buildings have remained as they were, and they are very close together. The houses are now used as shops.

This is probably what York is best known for. This is York Minster. The picture does it no justice. It is breathtaking to stand next to as it is so high and so intricate. You can go inside to have a look round, and you can also walk up to the top, which we did. The views from the top are amazing.

This picture was taken inside the Minster. It is just as grand inside as it is out. Definitely the main attraction to go see if you ever go.

This is part of the walls that go in and around York, and below is the same again.

As you can see its a very dramatic place. I will get some better pictures whilst I’m there. As well as being a pretty and very historic city, it is also great for shopping! Yay. I can’t control my excitement.

Last night I spent the entire evening on ebay scouring high and low for some pretty dresses. I found 3, but only won one 🙁 much to my disappointment. I got a navy blue dress from primark, 3/4 sleeves, with crochet and embroidery detail at the chest. It’s really pretty, and was 99p, so I guess I can’t complain too much. Once it arrives I will try incorporate into a look and post it on lookbook so you can see.

One sleep!


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