A Few Frames From The Customisation Shoot


As promised, here are a few of the best shots from my shoot yesterday. The brief was to customise a garment, mine was a mens white tshirt, and then style it on a model. The shoot had to be editorial and the photos will be used on the next brief where we have to set out an editorial layout for a fashion magazine of our choice, but the twist is we have to work into the photos, whether it be on photoshop, or by hand ( eg, paint, illustration, cut and stick etc). Seeing as my tshirt was based on futuristic fashion, hence the plastic fan shoulders, I think I’ll do something a bit weird and wonderful to match the theme. I have watermarked the images, as I don’t want people just taking them! However if you wish to use them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask first. Hope you like them!

Once the editing process is finished, I’ll upload some images of the final work.


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