It’s back. The fringe. For the third time now. I grow it out but then I can’t resist getting it cut back in. I can’t decide whether or not I like it just yet, as I’ve been wearing my hair quite big and messy lately purely because it was too long and straggly to do anything with. So this is quite a big change as its a style that needs to be maintained and kept sleek and straight. Its growing on me every time I look in the mirror. I guess once I’ve back combed it a little it will be fine!

Sorry I didn’t do a Three For Thursday post yesterday. I didn’t have time! I was out at uni all day and went straight to my niece’s birthday party afterwards.

I will be posting again later tonight with a couple of things I would of shown you yesterday, and also an exciting new website I have been introduced to!

Be sure to check back later 🙂


PS. I have made some blog buttons for you all to use. They are on the lefthand sidebar, so feel free to put them on your blogs. A little shameless self promotion, I know, but we all do it 😉


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