I fell in love with a pair of Carvela shoes today.


See, today Dan took me to see his mum and his new cats, but on the way we stopped at John Lewis, where he works.

Whenever I go, I always make a bee line for the shoe department, knowing full well I can’t afford any of them, but still, I go and try on the most beautiful ones and torture myself, leaving in a daze of sadness.

Thats exactly what happened today.

I saw these, and it was love at first sight…

They are by Carvela , Kurt Geiger and are reduced in the sale from £90.00 to £59.00. I knew as soon as I saw them from my other cherished pair of Carvela shoes that they would fit like a glove and hug my feet lovingly, and I was right! WHY OH WHY do the prettiest shoes always catch my eye when I have just finished spending all my money? And the fact that they are in the sale means I will probably never see them again. I dropped many a hint to Dan, but he couldn’t afford either, so I left the shop feeling deflated and depressed, and now seeing them on the website has made me feel even worse! I guess I will have to come to terms that I am not destined to have these on my poor little feet…

They don’t even have my size left HERE!

On the plus side, we saw Dan’s new kittens, Lou-Lou and Poppy. They are adorable and so playful. Here is Lou-Lou having a nap in the back of a chair. So cute 🙂

Oh! , and I won the floral Vintage shorts on eBay! Only £5.50 which I am very pleased with. I will post a pic of them when the come, or post a look to Lookbook, so keep your eyes out for those.

Hope you are all well,


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