Ok, so the other day I told you I wanted a faux leather jacket. Well now I have found some! My mum is going to take me shopping to try these beauties on and get one to put away for Christmas. Can’t wait!

The first is a snake skin PU jacket from Topshop at £58.00. (HERE).

The second is again from Topshop and has more of the biker feel I’m after. Again its £58.00. This is my favourite of the three, so fingers crossed it fits nicely! (HERE).

The last style is from Miss Selfridge and is £45.00. This is my least favourite of the three, so its really just a back up in case I can’t get either of the others. (HERE).

Now on to this fabulous new site I have been introduced to. Its called MixMatchMe and you can find it HERE. Think of it as a mixture of dress up dolls and shopping all rolled into one. Well known branded clothes are available to ‘try before you buy’ on a model onscreen.

We’ve all had the problems of shopping for clothes online, but never knowing quite how they will look, or what they will go with. Here is the end to those problems! Simply search through the categories on the left side bar, and click on the items to try them on the model. If you don’t like something, just hover over the item and click the ‘x’ to delete it off the model. Once you’ve found the perfect look, you can either add it to your virtual wardrobe, or if you have pennies unlike me, you can checkout! Its a really nice way to shop online and has more brands coming soon. At the minute it features labels such as French Connection and Boden, and I was spoilt for choice! Definitely a must see! I have no doubts in saying this will be a sure hit, especially when there are more brands to choose from. Go now and take a peek!


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