THREE FOR THURSDAY…& other stuff


Evening lovelies! Its that time again. These weeks are flying by at the minute! Here are my 3 picks for this week. Hope you like!

3. This little beauty came as a shocker to me. It is the kind of piece you’d expect to find somewhere like Topshop, or maybe H&M, but no. I bet you wouldn’t even be able to guess where this gorgeous long sleeved tee with embellished shoulders is from. Give up? ……Tesco. Yes thats right. TESCO. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted it in the local Tesco Home store the other day. That’s not the only surprise. The other is the price. You’d think that something embellished like this, designed for party season, would come in at around £20.00. At the least. But no. This will only use £12.00 from your hard earned cash. This may explain the lack of size range on the website. Obviously a best seller at the moment. If your lucky enough to find your size available, or simply want to drool and hope that it may come back in stock, then you can find it HERE.

2. This is a funny one for me. I really can’t decide whether I love it or hate it, but for some reason I’m drawn to it. I think its one of those where you can either look really great, or look like an old tribeswoman…or something. Its available at good old Topshop for £65.00. I imagine it would go with something really simple and chic, maybe some skin tight black jeans, a white tee, and some black platform shoe boots. Team it with a big slouchy boho bag to keep it low key. This would be so easy to over do, but again, there’s a lack of sizes left on the site, so it must be a winner! Find it HERE.

1. Now you all will know by now that I worship the ground Kurt Geiger walks on. Ever since my first pair a couple of years back, I’ve been hooked. When I looked at the site earlier today and saw there was a new collection out for his Fashionista range, I squealed a little with excitement. This range is a bit more high fashion than his Kurt Geiger and KG lines, therefore a little more expensive, but these are worth the money, £280.00 to be exact. (Not that I’ll ever be able to afford them.) These ‘Hornchurch’ shoe boots are real leather and are covered in little zips. I love everything about them and would like them on my feet now please. I love the shape of the shoe, especially the asymmetric ankle. I guess its another pair of shoes I can only dream about. Buy me them HERE. 🙂

As promised, here is my latest look posted on my Lookbook account. I’m wearing a dress bought off eBay, originally by George, which was £3.20 and fits like a glove. The grey boyfriend cardigan is New Look, and the extra long leggings are Topshop, as is the gorgeous cameo ring that I got for £1.00 reduced from £7.00. Bargains all round 🙂

If you want to see other looks then take a peek at my Lookbook page by clicking the badge on the right sidebar.

That is all from me tonight. I think its time for a cup of tea and some yummy food.


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