Told you I’d do some work…


…SEE! lots and lots of writing, but still not enough practical stuff. This brief is marked mainly on creativity, being 60% of the mark, so I really need to do some more stuff. EEK!

I couldn’t find any nice layouts earlier, so it can stay as it is for another day until I have the time to faff around with HTML.

I forgot to mention the other day that I didn’t go to Machester with Uni to see The September Issue in the end. I had to stay home for deliveries arriving for my room, but Dan bought me the DVD as its been released already for some reason. We watched it the other night and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t realise it was a documentary, I thought it was just a story based on Vogue and Anna Wintour, but it wasn’t. It was real life. Here is the cover for the issue created in the film.


I didn’t realise just how stubborn and opinionated Anna Wintour actually is! I guess she has to be in the job she has though. I really like that about her.

It shows you just how stressful and demanding working at a magazine is, and puts a bit of a dampener on what we all imagine it to be like.

If your into fashion I’d recommend you go see it, or buy it like we did. It was only £10.00 at the supermarket.

Think Devil Wears Prada, in real life! If you liked that, you’ll love this 🙂

Anna Wintour.



I found these GORGEOUS little things on today. My heart fluttered when I saw them. Partly because I love them, but partly because I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in a while and won’t be able to afford them for one whole more while…. boo.

They are perfection. And they cost £75.00. A knife in my heart almost. 🙁 ouch.

I do have a staff card, so I do get 25% off…. but still no where near enough money to spare.

Maybe somebody reading this could send me some pennies. Preferably enough to make (does some sums) £56.25. Or if you prefer, HERE is the link, and you can post them to me. Thanks.

That is all for tonight, but before I forget, we found out the other day that Dan’s kittens are infact boys, and not girls. So bye bye Lou-Lou and Poppy, hello Lou and Max!

How they mixed that one up I don’t know. Did no one CHECK!?


Night all!




  1. Oooh gorgeous shoes!

    I watched The September Issue the other day and really enjoyed it- felt so sorry for Grace Coddington (think that's her name…) with her photoshoots being totally cut from the magazine!

  2. I really want to see the september issue!

    I work in Topshop too – I think it is uniform at the end of the month, wait until then! Do you work at the Preston store?


  3. I loved The September Issue! It was like taking a backstage tour of Vogue. Very informative. I adore Grace so much now. I'm so glad they included her in the documentary. You don't realize how much others put into the magazine when the media is all Anna Wintour! Anna Wintour! all the time. Grace is my new hero. 😀

    (And I don't mean to comment spam you. I found your blog on IFB this afternoon, and I really like your blog. :D)

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