If I were a singer…


I got tagged in this by Freya over at Large Black Diary, and have spent most of the day doing this as I have been poorly again 🙁

The idea is that you put together an outfit you would wear on stage singing your favourite songs.

Here are my four! I used the trusty Looklet to create the outfits and sets, though sadly the only model that looked remotely like me is this one, but you get the idea!


I love love love this song and it has to be one of my all time favourites, and I have taken my inspiration from what Diana Vickers wore on last years X Factor when she also sang the song.


Here is my interpretation of the outfit. Something really floaty and almost innocent, and I am sorry but I didn’t realise you could see the models knickers until after I had finished, so please avert your eyes! 😛

The dress would be worn with some simple heels and a statement necklace, all in muted tones to keep it looking angelic and soft.


Nobody ever believes it, but I am a huge RnB and Hip Hop fan, and Ciara has to be one of my favourites. This song of her album Fantasy ride is enough to get me on my feet! For this one, my inspiration came from an outfit Ciara wore in the video for Work.


And here goes my version! I wanted to keep it all black, and minimal without being overly sexy, but still very high fashion. The shoulder piece brings everything together and I could imagine Ciara wearing this!


Again this is a song of an album, so may not be well known, but I love it, and I love Paloma Faith’s style. This image was my inspiration here, taking very Vintage inspired pieces and accessorising them in a way that they become reinvented and modern.


My turn! I’ve used a vintage dress and teamed it with funky socks and boots, and piled on some clashing jewellry for a twist!4. FLORENCE & THE MACHINE – DRUMMING

This is my favourite track from Florence. Its really powerful and catchy and I can’t help but sing along! I took my inspiration from a picture of her on stage in a really floaty dress with a relaxed boho feel about it.


Here is my interpretation of this one. I went for a really floaty dress with big sleeves and sequin detailing. The whole look has a hippy feel, and to harden it up I have teamed it with some heeled calf length boots and a cross necklace. I love it!

There we go! I think I did good 😉 I want everything I’ve used!

*I tag anyone who wants to do this too!*

I’ll be back tomorrow with Three for Thursday, and some exciting bargains I have won on eBay!

Can’t wait to show you all.



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