Hello all! Happy bonfire night! I’m being a bore and staying in but the firework displays I can see from my cosy bedroom seem more appealing than being out it the cold right now.

So here we are again, Thursday! Here are my favourite things I have spotted this week.

3. Now that the winter months are here, the nights are getting colder, and we need to dig out our hot water bottles. These are the cutest things I’ve seen and I want them all. They’re so much nicer than my old boring bottle. The two on the left are £12.00 and feature a Russian style doll knitted on the cover, and the two on the right are £8.00, available in union jack, or striped knitted covers. I’ll be putting the pink doll bottle on my Christmas list! All are from Topshop, and you can find them HERE.

2. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for versatile party dresses, that I can wear over the festive season with opaque tights and chunky knits, but then can be worn all summer on their own, and this has got to be the nicest I’ve found yet. Its from Urban Outfitters and costs £75.00. Its a gorgeous red and green (very festive!) floral print on black polyester and features a zip from the neckline down, giving it a rocky twist. I want I want I want! Find it HERE.

1. My FAVOURITE things this week are these gorgeous lace up boots. I’ve seen loads of people wearing these lately but I’ve never been able to find them. These are a really nice mink colour and the heel is a comfortable height for daytime. These lovelies are from Dorothy Perkins and cost £45.00 which I think is really reasonable for boots! I love these so much. They’d look great with tights and a pretty dress. Maybe even the one above! Somebody buy me these please? HERE they are!

So those are my favourites, any offers to buy me them would be greatly appreciated 😉

Moving on! Last night I was talking to my dad about Polaroid cameras, and how I really want one to use for my uni work. I would love one so I could just photograph things of interest and stick them straight into my sketchbooks. I’ve got Poladroid, a free application that turns any picture into a polaroid, but its not the same 🙁

Anyway, he disappeared into his room and came back with these!

This one is a Polaroid Supercolour 635, which is just what I wanted, all it needs is the film! Its such a pain that its so expensive, so if anyone knows any cheap suppliers in the UK that sell Polaroid 600 film, please please please let me know! I’ve had a nosey on eBay but there must be a cheaper alternative somewhere!

This one is a bit older, and I probably won’t use it, but I love it all the same. This one is a Polaroid Swinger II Land Camera. He said if I didn’t want it then I could sell it, but it doesn’t really go for much so I may as well just keep it for myself. So these two cameras are now mine. I’ve wanted one for so long, and I can’t believe they were under our roof and he never said anything about them until now! I’m a very happy bunny. Now I just need film. And money to buy the film would come in handy also.

Finally, I visited Polyvore for the first time in a couple of months. This is my latest set. I want all this stuf to wear over winter! The dress is from H&M. I saw it in store the other day and immediately fell in love! Also a contender for the Christmas list 🙂

I’m off to watch rubbish on TV and make a brew!


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  1. Claire! I'll take the second polaroid camera off your hands, and give you some cash for it if you don't want to put it up on eBay. Just a though, 'cause I'd love one and I'm only down the road from youuu.

    Those boots from DP are gorgeous, aren't they? I've been looking for lace up ankle boots with a decent heal for a couple of weeks. I almost shelled out £69 to get some from the Miss Selfridge website, but decided I could probably find some elsewhere. And those are pretty perfect, tbh.

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