Today I have been bad…


…because I bought these boots from Dorothy Perkins. You may of noticed that I posted about HERE in last week’s Three for Thursday post. I was going to be good, and resist temptation, until the Dorothy Perkins newsletter arrived in my inbox offering me 25% off this week, and I caved. I am so bad 🙁 but I am sure when they arrive the feelings of guilt and overindulgence will be banished. If you want a cheeky 25% off DP all this week until Sunday, enter ‘DPVIPD’ at the check out! I can’t wait for them to arrive! Excitinggggg!

All is not completely bad though. To counteract the naughtiness of buying shoes I can’t really afford, I am selling two of my pairs on eBay. If you are interested, just click the eBay link in the left sidebar, or the description under each image 🙂

Gold lace up pumps – starting price £0.99 – buy it now price £4.00

Black Brogue lace up heels – starting price £2.99 – buy it now price £10.00

Both pairs are good as new as they have hardly been worn, and I post to the UK and Europe only.

That’s it from me tonight.

Have a good night lovelies!



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