vintage finds!


Hello all!

Not too much to report so far this week, apart from a vintage stall I visited yesterday!

I was lonely on my lunch (*sob*) and sat eating my panini while some beautiful dresses smiled back at me from below the balcony.

I rang Dan to distract myself from the magnetic pull of the clothes, but he told e to go and have a look, so this was NOT my fault ok?

I walked in and found some stunning vintage and hand made numbers, but some starting at £25.00, were not meant for my budget.

Instead I steered towards two lovely vintage dresses that had each been marked down to £10.00, both my size, both screaming “BUY ME, CLAIRE”. So that’s what I did. I had to give them a home. I couldn’t just leave them there.

Well I suppose I could of, but I didn’t want to.

Here they are. The first is a picture I have posted on Lookbook. (Apologies for the DISGRACEFUL hair. It is raining too much today to care.)

Here we have a lovely lilac vintage dress, which came with a matching fabric belt that I tied over my cardigan. This is what I am wearing today. I think I’m going to take the hem up a couple of inches though, as it makes my short legs look podgy, hence the heels!

Second is the prom style dress, which I thought was an absolute bargain for a tenner! It has a boned bodice, and underwired cups, and its made from lovely thick cotton, so really should of cost a bit more. Again it came with a fabric belt in the same colour, and another belt that I’m wearing here, which is white with co-ordinating pink and green stripes. Also want to take this one up a little. I like short hemlines! Especially with this one, I think a shorter length would make it easier to wear in the day time, maybe with leggings and a long sleeve T-shirt underneath. I don’t know. I will have a play around!

I’m off to reply to your comments then do some work.

I’ve got piles of stuff to do. I have to try get my Digital Fashion Illustration near enough done so that I can concentrate on my sketchbook, and my Style Icon work on Pat Cleveland.

People think a degree in Fashion is easy. Believe me its not. We may seem to just spend our days cutting and sticking, but theres a hell of a lot of research and hard work to be done! EEK!


Back tomorrow!


  1. BARGINS! Nioce…& ya not lying, dese degree's are Dramatic. & if ever again, you do lunch alone, don't hesitate to drop me a text. I'm only a couple rooms from ya. x

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