Hello my lovelies!

I was going to do this at 50 followers, but I think 47 is a pretty good number, and plus its New Years Eve so there’s another reason to celebrate!

So …. I think its about time I held a giveaway, don’t you?

I will be giving away not one , but TWO prizes!

The winner will receive 1 x £10 . 00 Topshop voucher + goody bag full of treats including fashion, hair and beauty items.

The runner up will receive a goody bag also.

So what do you have to do?

Firstly you must be a follower of Sitting Pretty – just click the link at the top right of the sidebar.

Secondly, I want to know what your best (or worst) gift has been at Christmas. It can be this Christmas, or one in previous years, and can be anything. Leave your entry as a comment on thus post. Give me a good explanation though!

The winner will be chosen myself, and the runner up will be chosen at

The competition closes on Sunday 10th January, and winners will be chosen/announced on Monday 11th.

Get commenting!

Good luck everyone.




  1. Thanks for hosting this! 🙂
    Already a follower XD
    Um.. my worst present would have to be socks. Just plain ordinary socks :/ It was blue with pink and yellow stars they were gross :S
    lol 🙂

  2. Thanks for this opportunity, and happy new year!
    My best gift of all time was a dog. I had been asking for a dog since I could talk (it was my third word) but my parents didn't think I was responsible enough. Finally, when I was in first grade, my puppy was waiting for me underneath the Christmas tree! She is my best friend, and I don't think any other gift will ever top her.

  3. Yay- love a contest! Great idea for a question too.

    My favourite ever Christmas present was given to me when I was 11 years old and it was a hamster. I really wanted one but didn't think I would get one. We had all of our presents in my parents bedroom and then went downstairs to find their cages covered up with wrapping paper. I was just so stupidly excited and probably scared the hamster to death with my shrieking! x

  4. First of all Happy 2010 thanks for a lovely start to it.
    My Christmasses were tough as a child as my family became Jehovahs witnesses just after Christmas when I was 7 and I went from believing in Santa and imagining Christmas Eve I actually could hear the sleigh bells to being told it was all fake and we wouldnt be celebrating it anymore. This followed a few hard bleak Decembers as I loved Christmas and the feeling of family and giving.
    I left the religion in my teens and lost family too, so it was still a tough time.

    So leads on to my best Christmas which was my first with my fiance (now husband)we got our first tree and I woke up to a stocking filled with sweets, an orang sellotape, a pen, lots of little bits. Then main prezzies too, but my best Christmas present was just celebrating the day.
    I have children now and I still get as excited as they do.

    Thanks for asking as its made me smile with the good memory.

  5. I guess my best ever christmas present was when i was about 6 or 7 maybe :S this woman, a random friend of my mum's friend i think lol got me a little box full of hand made barbie clothes! i told her how i only liked playing dress up with them and the types of clothes i wish you could buy for them. bit of a dorky best present but oh well XP hehe
    Thanks for making this contest 😀

  6. i'd love to enter, but i live in Aus. I'll share my worst christmas present anyway =) I once ecieved a boxed set of readers digest DVD'S called our century, which basjically notes everything that ever happened in the last hundred years of a small country town. Seriously small, like 30 people or something. Also, I strongly suspect the set was a 'free gift' in the first place.

  7. When I was about 6 or 7, my mum gave me a big pink and white stripey box, I opended it and inside were some gorgeous little heels with sequins on, thinking about them now you could hardly call them heels haha, but I felt so grown up and sexaayy in them. Anyway, I put them on and trotted around the house in them like a little princcess/supermodel. Then like ten minutes later my mum shouted me downstairs and in the box was a kitten! I was like ommmmmg, it was so cute, all fluffy and black and white. I called it Casper, after Casper the friendly ghost… even though it was a girl ¬_¬ The cat actually turned out to be rather naughty, but it was such and exciting present for my little self, shiny heels and a kitten!

    Just discovered your blog, its lovelyy xxxx

  8. Argh such a hard one, i think my best christmas present has to be the playmobile house i got for maybe my 6th or 7th christmas? I remember my dad assembling it on Christmas Morning after giving into my pleading. It must have paid of though, i still have it in almost pristine condition and hope to (one day) pass it on for more love and affection. Happy 2010! x

  9. This is such a great giveaway claire!

    it's going to sound really cheesy but my best present of all was family! this year i didn't think we'd all be able to spend christmas together: my auntie was in hospital with cancer, my sister was really ill, and we were afraid we'd all get snowed in as well. family is so important to me, and luckily everything turned out great. my auntie was allowed to go home late on christmas eve and my sister got a bit better, plus it didn't snow as hard as it had been, so we were all able to spend christmas together and it was perfect 🙂 we had the best time! i love seeing family and having relatives from all over the country come down to share a special day together.

  10. Hello lovely!!

    Did you have a good christmas and new year?

    I thought that I would answer your giveaway question –

    my favourite christmas present was my beautiful baby kitten, rose that my boyfriend gave me this year. There are photos of her on my blog and I think that you will agree that she is the cutest thing ever


    oh, and my vintage stall is no more 🙁 BUT i now have an online vintage shop!! . . . . . have a look!


  11. My best Christmas present ever was from my Grandparents. Every year, they give us stockings full of really kitsch and beautiful objects. They live in Bath so its all very middle class and quirky. Sometimes you get the weirdest things in there, from Estee Lauder lipstick to books on climate change. I once got a book on women's rights, which I'm ashamed to say I haven't read. Its just opening the paper and seeing what is inside! I got a great present for them this year, which I hope will go on to be my best (or at leats most inspiring) christmas present ever. Its a book of inspirational quotes (which I virtually live off)and even though it was a difficult christmas this year I can always refer back to that book they gave me in my stocking this year 🙂 when I feel down x

  12. Ooo what a lovely contest, enter me pretty please!
    I never think of any gift as bad if i can see the person has tried (even if it didn't quite hit the spot). To me handmade gifts are the best, to think that that person has put in all that effort is quite precious to the best christmas present i have ever received, was off my best friends-and it was filled with many many photos and little stories of our adventures, song lyrics,quotes from books and things we have said and random doodles to make me smile and it was covered in pretty flock paper with dainty roses print pages (they know me so well!) . It's lovely to have something to refer to when times are bad or when i'm missing them at uni; lets me remember to hold onto friends, as they are the family we create 🙂
    hope you're having a lovely new year with Toby!! x

  13. Well I once recieved soap for christmas. And now I'm not talking about a nice lush soap or even you know, in a gift set. It was like a bar of soap. haha! That was a pretty awful gift, especially as it smelt AWFUL! My favourite gift, there has been too many. Probably this year, I recieved a 'links of london' bracelet off my mum with charms, which is absolutely beautiful. It's a bracelet where you add charms that basically represent your life? Like if I went to Paris, I may get one of the little eiffel tower charms they have on their website, cause then everytime I look at my bracelet I'll remember the good time I spent there! The charms she got were a christmas tree, representing it being christmas and everything. Then a bee charm (because my nicknmae in the family is bee! Cause I liked bees when I was little) 🙂 ♥

  14. i'm a follower! 🙂

    worst present?
    this porcelain ring holder from precious moments that said–wait for it–

    "I Love You, Mom"

    let me remind you that i was, like, 10 years old at the time. i got it from my mom's friend, who is always a little cheap when it comes to gifts, and this one was obvious re-gifted or something.

  15. I've never actually thought about what my best Christmas present has been..I supposed it was one Christmas when my sister and I came downstairs and opened all of our presents and we didn't even notice the towel that was covering the glass panel in the kitchen door so when we went into the kitchen we were so surprised to find two purple bikes!

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