New Look :)


So I’ve been sorting my template out for about a day and a half, and now my eyes hurt from all the html rubbish. Its still not perfect but its nearly there!

I’m trying to add a ‘follow me’ link rather than having a follower widget visible, so if anyone has a code for that I’d be really grateful if you could help me out!

It looks a bit funny at the minute, but once I start posting more pics at a different size it should all slot into place! I hope you like it!The pic above is from tinypic and is just there for test purposes!

If you’re using any of my buttons I had for the previous layout, keep those for the moment, but I’ll be making some new ones over the next week or so!

Thanks for being patient!



Ok, so I’ve now got my follow me link sorted – top left – will someone let me know if this is working properly?

Now I just want to get rid of the ‘posted in….’ line underneath each post title. Anyone know??


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