No More Uni!


Wahooo! Today was the last day of the semester, so now I am free until January the 11th yay! I promised you a post of some of my work so here it is.

Today I handed in my Pat Cleveland work, and I am so glad to see the back of that! It seems like we’ve been doing it FOREVER! Here is my final piece which was photographed in the studio at uni. We had to made a 3D piece based on our given style icon, which would then be photographed as a flat trend page. I decided to use a book as the base of my piece as she writes her own poetry. I covered the book with tea stained pages of Pat’s poetry and photographed items that showed off her style and personality. These were attached with glue, and some with wire, et voila!

These are all pictures of my Digital Fashion Illustration module that finished last week. Some are my final book of illustrations, and some are just some sketchbook pages.

Hope you like! Thought I’d give you a bit more of an insight into what I do. It takes a bit more time and thought than just cutting and sticking!

I’m off to relax now. I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! Can’t believe how fast Christmas is coming eek!


PS: Keep your eyes peeled on Thursday! This weeks Three for Thursday will be a party dress special!


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