Three For Thursday Christmas Wishlist!

Ok guys and girls. Today I am giving you my list to Mr Claus, as I figured it made more sense than doing this AND a Three For Thursday one after the other, seeing as the things on my list would no doubt appear in both!

Three For Thursday will be back next week, with a new spangly logo to fit in with the rest of the new look, which I hope you are all liking!

So here we go.

Dear Santa,

I have been an EXTREMELY good girl and I believe that I truly deserve some/all of the following:

The following items could be classed as cheating, since I know I’m getting them, but I’ll still show you all the same!

Please try your best to get these to me on Christmas Eve, when I will be making myself ill with excitement because I am such a big kid.

Thank you Santa!

yours hopefully,




(All images from Google search, or the website mentioned. If you need me to credit anything that is yours, please ask!)


2 responses to “Three For Thursday Christmas Wishlist!”

  1. Sam says:

    i want the sex and the city boxset too 🙂 and that watch is amazing!

  2. Loved 17 again it was good and Bruno great list

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