Catch Up


Hello all of you lovely people! Sorry for the lack of activity, I’ve been trying to focus on my other blog for uni, and its been a bit of a funny week. But I am back, and I have some lovely jubbly things to show you tomorrow for the Three For Thurs post, so keep your eyes peeled!

Just did a new Lookbook post as I’ve been away from that for a while aswell, so here it is. I’m wearing a Primark dress, that I found on Ebay for £2.50, with a new scarf from George, and my GORGEOUS new shoes from Topshop. I’ll do a post at some point in the next few days with all my latest buys!

I’ve alo been busy busy busy! Friday night was one of best friend’s 21st’s. She had it at the gorgeous Priory/Cocktail Factory in Preston. I want to book it for my own in September as its so lovely! Here’s a picture of me with the birthday girl Shahina, who looked stunning! I’m wearing a new tshirt by Topshop which is covered in little embroidered Eiffel towers, especially for when I go to Paris in April! This was tucked into a black bodycon skirt, finished off with a Primark studded belt and teal clutch.That is all for tonight. I have a tip of a room to try and organise! I’ll be back tomorrow!



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