I had a haircut today.

I like it 🙂


6 responses to “I had a haircut today.”

  1. Sam says:

    your hair looks great! i'm in dyer need of a haircut.

  2. Sioux-Chan says:

    I love your hair and I'm going to grow my hair!


  3. Hey Claire, I thought you might be interested to hear that I have a £25 Topshop voucher giveaway on my blog!


  4. You hair cut looks great!! Very nice and healthy 😉

  5. Carlos says:

    Heeyy! Thank you really much for your comment and your help!
    Well I hope I am gonna get a polaroid camera somewhere maybe second-hand or so haha

    Your new haircut looks gooood 😀 gorgeous girl <3

    btw. I added you on twitter 🙂

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