I have a problem…


…I think I’m an Ebay Addict, and its not good for my health!

But when you see beauties like this, and win them for 99 little pennies (yes, 99p!) its a little hard to resist temptation, and not fall in love with the whole thing.

The pictures aren’t that great , as they are just from the listing, but I’ll get some better ones when it arrives.

It’s a blue/lilac ditsy print tea dress, originally from Primark. It has little bows at the collar and a frill at the hem. I love it, and just hope it looks as nice on!

Speaking of Ebay, I’m not a very happy bunny. Remember THIS dress? Well I won it on the 10th of Jan and still haven’t received it, nor heard from the seller after numerous angry emails. Lets hope a case in the resolution centre will get me my beautiful dress! I want it so bad! Gr!

I will keep you posted.

I will be posting over the next couple of days with a few of my recent purchases! So make sure you look out for those.



  1. Ahh you gotta love ebay bargains 🙂 The dress is gorgeous! What a steal. And Ive had a few dreaful ebay experiences too, as a buyer and seller. The resolution centre sometimes takes a while but once they get on the sellers case you will defo get the dress, or your money back. Hope for you its the dress! 🙁 Have faith. Some sellers are just really complacent. Be sure to leave neg feedback if theyre unpleasant to you! Warn others of their evil doings haha xx

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