Just a quick post as promised to show you what I’ve been buying recently. For those of you who have read recently, you’ll remember a couple of days ago I was having problems with Ebay. Well, I didn’t get the dress, but I got a refund. I really wanted the dress, and I’m a bit angry, as Ebay Customer Support, found NEITHER of us to be at fault, even though she hadn’t contacted me or let me know what the hell was going on. Unfair I think!

Anyway, I got this lovely dress online from Miss Selfridge at £30.00, with 25% off thanks to staff discount! I love how its a little silky so can be worn at night, yet a neutral colour which can easily be dressed down.This is the dress I won on Ebay the other day, for 99 pence! I think its really cute and looks great with a big cardi and tights.This was another Ebay purchase! A grey jumper dress for £2.20. It was quite long though so I’ve taken it up a fair bit! It looks lovely on 🙂 I love the big sleeves and the button detail.You may recognise this from a Lookbook post a few days back. This again is an Ebay special, for 99p! Bargain!This gorgeous black lace detail dress, and it was bought for my uniform at work as we have to wear all black. I love it . It feels so nice to wear, and it looks really delicate. Definitely my favourite thing to wear for work at the moment!That’s just a few of the many bargains I’ve bought over the past couple of months. I’ve got loads more from fur coats, to pretty blouses and dresses. I’ll have to show you those another time!

Got a busy weekend ahead so you won’t hear much from me! I’m working tomorrow afternoon, and all day Sunday, and I’ll be seeing my brother tomorrow morning. Plus I’m doing phtoshoots all next week for uni! Busy busy busy.

When all the shoots have finished I will concentrate more on my blogs and replying to your comments, but for now please be patient with me!



  1. Wow.

    These items are beautiful. What a great bargain hunter you are! I love Ebay, seriously need to go on there more!

    In my personal opinion I think your blog is divine.

    I look forward to your future posts.

    xx A xx

  2. the lighting made the items seem a different colour, for exmaple, the last one seemed purple/pink instead of black- but they still look absolutely amazing , and very cheap! can't wait to see what you wear with them!

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