Last night Dan and myself went to the MEN arena in Machester to watch the Lady herself. One word. FIERCE. She was amazing. Everything from the songs, to her outfits and the production was breathtaking. I’m not going to go into too much detail and spoil it for anyone who may be going in the next week or so, but watch out for the monster 😉

Fashion highlights for me were the dress that resembled a lampshade, another that looked somewhat like a nun’s outfit, and a dramatic red cloak. I lost count of how many times she changed!

I did take my own pictures but we were quite a way back so they didn’t turn out great, but I found these courtesy of The Sun!

Also supporting were a crazy flamboyant band called Semi Precious Weapon – if your into glam rock with a bit of a twist you’ll love them! Then followed Alphabeat! I love them! They were really good too. Go HERE to see some videos Dan has uploaded of Alphabeat. He did some of Gaga too but the bass was so overwhelming that the microphone couldn’t take it ha!

If you want to see some videos of her there are some good ones HERE.

I bought a programme and this fab Monster Ball Tour tee! Sorry about the poor photos, they were just taken on the webcam, so I will do an outfit post and include it soon!

If anyone is going to see her, you will absolutely LOVE it.



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