Spring/Summer 2010


I sort of stole this idea off the lovely Hannah at London Rose, but only because I thought it was a fab idea for a post!

I went over to Polyvore and came up with a little inspiration board for my key items for Spring Summer.

Forgive me , I don’t know the shop names as the pieces are from various places in the UK and US, but mainly Topshop and Kurt Geiger. I’ll be trying to stick to a pastel palette with some neutral tones and pretty prints. Footwear wise I’ll be wearing the trusty brogues and gladiator sandals and I’ll be carrying a huge tote bag on my arm to carry all my rubbish with me 🙂 Jewellry will be kept to a minimum, and when it gets sunny outside (IF it gets sunny) I’ll be rocking my Ray Ban wayfarers that took me through last Summer. I’ll keep make up nice and natural with my usual pink blush and lips, and wear my hair big with little accessories.

However I don’t know when Spring will come this year as it suddenly started snowing again today. Its FEBRUARY! COME ON! Sort it out. ha. I’m sick of Winter clothes!

On another note, I got an award off the gorgeous Kavita at iheartvintage. Here it is! 🙂

The recipient of this award is required to list seven interesting things about themselves and then pass it on to seven bloggers…1. The first time I EVER went abroad was when I was around 13! I was SO deprived until then ha!2. No one expected me to do a course in Fashion because my grades in academic subjects were really good. People who do fashion aren’t thick!3. I’m always skint. No, really.4. My mum only knew she was pregnant with me 3 weeks before I was born :O5. I was born with a heart murmur.6. I have a massive shopping problem that I need to fix.7. I find it really hard to trust people. I pass this onto:ERICAKATCHERRYSAMMYAMYDAISYLAVELLE


  1. Thankyou for the award lovely!! I have already done this one, but i'll mention you on my next post

    Love the polyvore set, i might have to borrow that idea for an upcoming post! I did one for autumn winter, such a good way to organise your mind in what you want to be wearing that season.


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