Hi lovelies. First of all I’m so sorry for not posting more often. I’m really bogged down at the minute with uni work. I have so many deadlines in the next few weeks! It all seems to of come at once!

Secondly, I won’t be doing Three For Thurs for a couple of weeks, purely because it takes a while to search for things you’d all like, and I honestly can’t find the time. So for this week, I just thought I’d show you this GORGEOUS dress new in at Topshop. Its £50.00, a lovely pillar box red, it has pleats, cute little sleeves and pretty lace and frills. So basically its pretty much perfect! I really want it for my 21st but its AGES away! I’d wear it with some black suede shoe boots and some gold jewelry, with a black oversized clutch. Ahh I can only dream!
I’ll hopefully be back at the weekend with a Style Crush post! Until then, check out my other blog, A Book Of Blank Pages, that I write for my uni work, to see what I’m doing in my fashion photography module!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

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