So, this weekend was a busy one, mainly because it was my big sister’s 40th birthday party. Here’s some pictures of me and the boy at the party. I’m wearing a Topshop pink chiffon tunic, black leggings, and black mesh zip up platforms.It was a really good night with lots of drinks, lots of music, and lots of laughing!
I also realised that you lovely people havn’t seen any pictures of Toby since I got him, so here he is! He’s almost 5 months old now, and still as cute as ever, if not a little more mischievous!
And, as you all know I’ve been ebaying like crazy lately. Just thought I’d show you all this gorgeous faux fur jacket I’m selling for £20.00, but I’ll accept reasonable offers too! FIND THE LISTING HERE! As always, if you win one of my items, just let me know you’re a follower and I’ll discount you the postage!That’s all for today. I’m busy busy this week with lectures, new assignments, and I’m assisting a 3rd year student on her final project, so I’ll warn you now that you may not hear much from me! 🙁



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