This is another one of those “I’m so sorry for not blogging more posts”, but I have good reason for it.

Take a look at the blog I write for my Fashion Photography module, and you’ll see exactly how much work I have at the moment. And that’s just one module! Yesterday we had a massive photo shoot from 9am until 5pm which was crazy, but went really well.

However, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only have Monday and Tuesday left in Uni, then I have finished for the summer!

All that’s left to do now, is finish my photography work, get prints, and write a 1000 word evaluation for Monday, and finalise our images from yesterdays shoot on Tuesday! I promise after that you will have me back.

At the beginning of next week I’m going to take pictures of all my new clobber and have a big big BIG post on all of that, so keep your eyes peeled. And if I don’t blog again before then, I am very sorry!

Here’s my other blog if you’re missing me too much 🙂




  1. Good luck with everything, and don't worry about not blogging. I think most readers will appreciate the fact you have more important things in life at the moment to sort out. Looking forward to seeing new clobber when you're ready!

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