Ok, so I know I promised this a few days ago, but those few days have been a little hectic, with organising shoots for uni work, and lots of shopping with the student loan!

As it says in the title, this post is really image heavy, so I’m not going to waffle. All I will say is Dan and me had a lovely few days in Paris. I ate lots of crepes, bought lots of fashion magazines, went on a boat trip, braved the French trains, drooled at designer windows and spied lots of chic old people. It was fabulous!

Hope you like the pictures!

Hopefully I’ll be posting in a couple of days time about some of the stuff I’ve won, and what I’ve been spending pennies on. I’ll warn you, there’s a lot!



  1. aaaaah looks like you had such a lovely time 🙂 im ending my europe travelling in paris, still looking for decent accomodation… would you reccomend the place you stayed in? x

  2. I love your big blue jumper in the candyfloss shot!

    I always take photos of designer shops when abroad- my boyf always laughs at me loads and then insists on having photos outside really awful shops!x

  3. Lovely photos! And I love both the oufits 🙂

    Oh my god, which hotel did you stay in?
    It might actually be the hotel I stayed in the first ever time I went to paris :O x

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