I thought I’d show you some of the other things I’d bought lately other than clothes, just incase you were starting to think that was ALL I spent my money on!

I spent a fair bit of money on some books for uni, including these two which are now my favourite books, in the world…ever. On the left is one called ‘STYLIST: The Interpreters of Fashion’ which is done in conjunction with Style.com. This features some gorgeous colour photos of the works of many top stylists, including fashion shoots, music videos and runway shows. Secondly, on the right, is ‘Tim Walker – Pictures’. Now if you know anything about me and my work, you will know how I’m a MASSIVE fan of the photographer Tim Walker. I’ve had my beady eyes on this book for a while now, but could never bring myself to buy it as it was so expensive. However, when the student loan arrived, I told myself I had to spend at least some of it on things for uni, and snapped it up straight away.

The pages are all absolutely gorgeous, and show everything from his drawings and initial ideas, to scrapbook pages and his final photographs. I love his whimsical, colourful photography, and if you ever see any of my work, you will see how greatly influenced I am by him.

I also spent some of my money on some beauty products. I absolutely love make up and beauty products, but have recently noticed that I rarely blog about them, so I think I will start making more of an effort and include a few more beauty posts here and there.

I got this gradual tanning moisturiser by Garnier called ‘Summer Body’ as I always use one at this time of year. I’ve got really pale skin, and find that normal fake tan looks far too obvious on me, so I stick to the gradual ones. This one is new out and I am yet to try it. I’ll let you know if it works!

I’ve always been a big fan of Benefit cosmetics having sampled some of their miniatures in the past, so this time I decided to treat myself to some more of their products. Firstly I got the new concealer kit called ‘Confessions Of A Concealaholic’ and secondly I got one of the powders in a box, ‘Coralista’ blush. The Confessions kit is so cute. It is packaged to look like a secret diary, and opens out with a mirror, a ‘diary’ showing how to use each product, and miniatures of ‘That Gal’ face primer, ‘Erase Paste’ No.2 – Medium, ‘Boi-ing’ concealers 01 and 02, ‘Lemon Aid’ eye primer and ‘Eye Bright’ Instant eye brightener. I hadn’t used any of these products in the past, but now that I have I would recommend all of them, especially the erase paste as it works wonders hiding dark circles.

‘Coralista’ is something I’ve been after for a while, as i love pink cheeks and the colour of this one is just perfect. I also adore the smell, the brush and the packaging. Now I’m after another one of the powders in a box, but this time the ‘Georgia’ face powder. What does everyone think of that one? Anybody got it?

Finally I got two Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks, and the new Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara by Maybelline, all of which I love!On the left is Nude Pink No. 206, and on the right is Pink Blush No. 006. And incase you were wondering, my nail polish is Coral by Barry M. 🙂Thats all I have to show you for today.

Also wanted to tell you that I am no longer doing my Three For Thursday posts, sob! I know you all liked them but they took a lot of time up and I found that I was posting about similar things every week.

Features on my blog now are going to include :

* A style crush post once a week

* My week in outfits – This will be every Sunday (I hope) starting next week, and will include a picture of what I have worn for each day that week.

*A monthly blogger interview. I will pick my ‘blogger of the month’ and send them interview questions. Once they have responded I will share the interview on my blog and also include some pictures etc, so if your interested in being interviewed let me know, and I will take a look at your blog!

On top of this I’ll also be doing my usual haul, uni work and other general posts, and I’ve finished uni for the Summer now so will have a lot more time on my hands. You’ll be seeing more of me now!


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