Yesterday, me and the boy went to an antique warehouse in Chorley called Bygone times, which is full of little independently run stalls selling everything from antiques and collectables to clothing and furniture. As you know, when it comes to Vintage clothing I’m like a magpie.

Dan snapped me rummaging through the rails here!
Unfortunately, I’m pretty much spent up at the minute so couldn’t afford any of the pretty things. Afterwards we went to a nice pub for lunch and shared a huge sticky toffe pudding with toffee sauce and cinder toffee ice cream for pudding. It was delicious!

However, a lovely day was ruined after I fell on my hand trying to stop my dog running out of the front door. He was safe, but I took a tumble and bent my finger back. If you follow me on Twitter you will of noticed me complaining of a huge sore, swollen finger. Poor me!

To make things better though, this morning I received an ebay purchase from a couple of days ago, which was a lovely vintage floral dress. I plan to wear this tomorrow, so you will see it at the end of the week when I post about this weeks outfits!



  1. Oh I would LOVE to go to something like this! Jealous! Even if you couldn't buy anything! 🙂
    Hope you get better! Silly dogs 🙂

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