I’m too excited about this collection that Topshop have launched! I was a little dubious at first, as I sometimes think retailers should stick to what they know best, however after a quick glance through the products online I’m already sold! Everything is lovely, from eyes to lips, from colours to packaging. It’s all so cute! I’m going to order one thing, just one, otherwise I’ll end up getting the whole lot and have no money left!

Here are some of my favourite I have spotted so far. Now I just need to decide which to buy!

LIPS in Desert – £8.00:

LIPS in Brighton Rock – £8.00:

GLAZE in Antique – £6.00:

EYESHADOW DUO in Oopsy Daisy – £6.00:

KOHL in Thistle – £4.00:

BLUSH in Pinch – £6.00:

BLUSH in Flush – £6.00:

NAILS in Art School – £5.00:

NAILS in The Big Easy – £5.00:

As you can see it all looks gorgeous and the colours are so summery and bright! I think I’m going to opt for one of the blushes I’ve shown but I may change my mind. I also love how everything is really affordable as I was worried they would be quite highly priced.

Shop the whole collection HERE, and while stocks last you can get a free Topshop make up bag when you buy certain items from the set! I think these are going to sell out fast!


  1. I saw it all today! I was unsure at first too, but it all looks lovely. So gutted I was buying a pressie and not something for myself 🙁 xx

  2. The nail colours look lovely, and I'm tempted by the blush but i think i'll wait and read a few more reviews before i invest, so let me know what it's like! x

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