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So this is the start of a new feature I’ll be doing every month, in which I’ll be interviewing new faces on the fashion blogging scene. First in this feature is a girl that I have known since Primary school, and now work with, so not only does she write a great blog, but she’s lovely in person too! Hannah’s blog is the perfect read for those of you who love a laid back mix of vintage fashion, new designers and music.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I had always been interested in blogs and had a few favourites which I always looked at through my second year of Uni so when I started my placement year at a small fashion label, I discovered just how much of a big deal blogging is in the fashion industry. I managed the label’s own blog so decided to begin my own personal blog where I could talk about stuff which was relevant to me rather than a fashion label.

How would you describe your blog?

My blog is pretty unorganised and random. I try to post all the time but find myself going through phases! I include all sorts of things like what I’ve been up to, style posts, shopping posts, music posts and any artists or designers which have inspired me – I should (and am) try to do this last one more often but finding the time on a full time working rota is hard! I think my blog represents myself as a person in all aspects from how it looks to what is in it and to how often I post.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

My fashion inspiration comes from people I see in the street, on street style websites, street style pages, websites, blogs and look book. I also look to my friends for inspiration. I do love celebrity styles such as Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Alison Mosshart but I don’t tend to base my inspiration on these people as I love style which comes from the heart and from real people. Not people who are styled everyday!

How would you describe your style?

I’m not good with this question – it’s so hard to answer! I basically sum up my style as granny chique with a bit of understated emo and goth thrown in! I love indie, rock and metal music so I take a lot of my styling from these musical genres. Vintage is a massive part of my wardrobe and I almost despise buying highstreet products.

Where do you get most of your clothing from?

My clothing comes from lots of different places. Most are vintage from charity shops, ebay, vintage stores and online vintage websites. I also have a lot of clothing from independent boutiques and stores as I love helping out independent labels struggling against massive companies. As I work within the Arcadia group I do have quite a few Topshop pieces as it’s the main brand which attracts me on the highstreet.

Finally, what are your favourite blogs to read?

Sitting Pretty of course! and one which I have read since I first discovered the world of blogging I have quite a lot of magazine blogs which I follow such as Rubbish mag, Dazed and Confused and also Another. Apart from that it’s the blogs I follow on my blog page and look book – which I am additcted to!

You can find Hannah’s blog HERE, and her lookbook profile HERE.

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