As I said in my last post, I have been visiting my local charity shops once again. Strolling down the local street scouring the rails for some bargains is starting to become a regular activity each week. I love it when I spot something beautiful and see the price tag is a mere pound or two. Plus, the fact that shopping there is for a good cause makes me feel ever so good!

This week I ventured out with again, just £10.00, and managed to find a few lovely things. This week’s trip wasn’t quite so successful as last time, purely because there weren’t many things that caught my eye, but nevertheless, I still found some goodies!

In the first shop I visited, which I think was a Cancer Care shop, I picked up a gorgeous printed scarf. I’m unsure whether it is real silk or not, but it certainly feels like it. At just fifty pence I don’t think I can complain either way! I’ll be tying this onto my handbags for a vintage twist!

I also found this white ruffle neck blouse for just £2.50. I’m planning a Circus themed photo shoot to take place in September, and this would be perfect for that! I’m thinking of teaming it with some high waisted black knicker style shorts, tights, heels and a top hat for a ringmaster based look.

In the second shop we went in, I didn’t buy anything, but spotted some great bargains. I spied a set of two chairs in the window, that had been painted a teal colour and had blue and green checked cushions. If I hadn’t already got a chair in my room that I love, I would of bought these at £8.00 for the pair, but I really didn’t need them, and only had £7.50 left!

The final shop we visited was the best of all. I managed to find this stunning vintage style bag, which still had its tags on, for just £2.50. I think it is one of my favourite finds so far. It looks so chic and is surprisingly roomy inside, so it is perfect for me!

I also picked up this M&S blouse in hot pink, again for £2.50. Its very bright for me, but I couldn’t resist it. I wore it yesterday tucked into my Topshop jeans with a grey cardigan over the top and it looked really nice!

Dan also managed to find a Ralph Lauren denim shirt for just £3.00! Its amazing quality so we’re pretty sure its real. We checked online and virtually the same thing was for sale at £65.00! I haven’t got a picture as I wore it the other day, so its in the wash! Look out for the next ‘Week In My Wardrobe’ post for that.

Charity shopping over, on Tuesday we pottered round the City Centre and had a nosey round the local Flea Market, where I found this little blouse for just 50p! I’m unsure whether or not I like this on, as its a couple of sizes too big, and the sleeves are huge! I think it will grow on me, but if not I’ll stick this one on ebay!

Finally, at work this week, I picked up some new uniform. I chose two items from Topshop that I think I will get a lot of wear out of. They look lovely together or with other things, which is what I wanted! Sadly, we have to wear all black, which can get a little boring, so I went for this sheer polka dot blouse to add a bit of interest to outfits.

I also chose these gorgeous harem trousers which are really unusual. They have huge pockets at the sides which add shape and are made from a thick jersey material, so are almost like joggers! They’re really comfy and have cute little gold cubes at the ends of the tie strings for extra detail.

So there we go! Looking back now it seems like I’ve bought a lot of things, but I haven’t spent much money at all!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a little post, as I’m getting my hair cut! I won’t say too much, but I’m getting quite a lot taken off! Eek!


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  1. Can I just say I absolutely love your blog. i only recently found it as someone i followed, followed you – bit of browsing around and ta daaa! i've found another fabulous blog to follow. i really enjoy seeing what you've worn each day, as it gives me a bit of inspiration myself. please keep it up – i am currently reading back over your old posts to catch up! Dawn xx

  2. Some fab finds there – I love the ruffle necked skirt, I have loads in this style, they just never go out of fashion!
    I must mke an effort to visit my local charity shops more often, you've inspired me! x♥

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