Yesterday I dragged the boy to our local charity shops with just £10.00 to spend. Where I live there is a little shopping street full of little independent businesses and a lot of charity shops! Heaven for bargain hunting thrifters like me!

We started off in the first one, where I came across this gorgeous nautical style cardigan, complete with gold buttons and rope detailing at the pockets. I snapped this one up straight away for £3.25!

Then we went on to the next shop, where the clearance rail was all reduced to just 30p for the afternoon! I spied this pretty floral blouse was supposed to be £1.99, which I would of been happy to pay, but 30p was a much more attractive price!

Then, onto the final shop we visited, I picked up this gorgeous floral lace sleeveless blouse. I am styling an Alice In Wonderland style shoot at the weekend, and thought this would be perfect underneath a red blouse, with the collar peeping through for the model playing the March Hare! It sounds strange, but once it is finished I’ll upload a few photos so you can see the styling on display!I also found this which I think I’ll be keeping for myself. It is a floral cropped shirt with tie detail at the front. This is so on trend at the minute. Crop tops are all over the High Street lately, so this was a real steal at just £2.00. The above blouse was £1.50, but the lady gave me them both for £3.00. How nice is that!?

Finally, I spotted these gorgeous brogue court shoes tucked away in a corner. These are perfect for the shoot, and even better, they are brand new with all stickers in tact! They are from Primark and are stickered at £12.00, but I bought them for just £3.00!

I plan on selling these on after the shoot is over.

I think I got some great bargains, and spent £9.25 altogether, so came home with change!

I also went to our local flea market this morning and picked up a vintage blue and white striped dress which was labelled at £8.00, but I got it for £6.00. This would be ideal for our Alice in the photoshoot, and I’ll keep it for myself afterwards!

I went in another charity shop in the town centre and got a pink chiffon blouse with scallop detailing at the collar for £2.55. I think its fair to say I’ve bagged some bargains! Everything is in great condition. You should be seeing it all very soon in outfit posts, so keep your eyes peeled.

Have you got any charity shop bargains lately?



  1. you lucky girl!
    these bits are gorgeous
    i especially love the crop top
    i got some craft bits today from my charity shop:)
    belle x

  2. Love your bargains! The floral cropped shirt is too cute.

    I've had some great things from charity shops recently. My picnic basket bag being the best! 🙂

    Glad you liked your little feature on the blog yesterday, Totally inspired by your style! xxx

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