Its that time of the week again! July is going so fast this year. Apologies in advance, today’s outfit is missing. I have been a little unwell with a very bad throat, so have just been milling around in my scruffs today! Also, if the location looks a little different, its because my parents have been away this week so I have been making use of other parts of the house!

Mon: Blouse – Topshop, Camisole – Dorothy Perkins, Jeans – Topshop (eBay), Belt – Primark, Bag – Primark, Scarf – Charity Shop, Flip Flops – George @ ASDA.

Tues: Blouse – Charity Shop, Cardigan – Charity Shop, Jeans – Topshop (eBay), Belt – Primark, Bag – Primark, Sandals – Dorothy Perkins.

Weds: Cardigan – Topshop, Vest – Topshop – Jeans – Topshop, Bag – Charity Shop, Scard – Urban Outfitters, Flip Flops – George @ ASDA.

Thurs: Blouse – Charity Shop, Cardigan – New Look, Jeans – Topshop (eBay), Belt – Primark, Bag – Primark, Flip Flops – George @ ASDA.

Fri: Dress – Primark, Belt – Primark, Leggings – Miss Selfridge, Sandals – Primark.

Sat: Denim Jacket – Primark, Blouse – Charity Shop, Bodycon Skirt – Topshop, Belt – Primark, Leggings – Topshop, Bag – Primark, Sandals – Dorothy Perkins.

You may have noticed that Toby has made an appearance in a couple of the shots! He was itching to get in on the act!

Hope you like this week’s outfits.



  1. lovely outfits, OFCOURSE!
    Hope you feel better soon my lovely.
    This weeks outfits are cute, they have a laid back feel about them.
    Loving Saturdays a lot

  2. you look lovely!
    i especially love your white blouse from the charity shop
    i have a westie too, my little dog is called archie:)
    belle xx

  3. Yet again I'm loving all your outfits! My comments must sound so repetitive..!

    The sheer blouse in the first pic is gorgeous & exactly like what I've been looking for.. (I got really badly sunburnt the other week & needed to be covered up but also cool, & was moaning about my lack of a sheer blouse in my wardrobe as I felt it would've been exactly what I needed!)

  4. Wow, new follower here, new to this whole blogging thing! Been following a couple of people for a while but decided to get pro-active and do some commenting too!

    Love all your charity shop blouses they're lovely! Look great tucked into the jeans with the belt.

    OH and the Topshop blouse too! (wow)


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