So I had a few requests over the last couple of weeks for this feature, and my favourite had to be the gorgeous Katy Perry. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of her myself! I had a search for some of her latest looks and found this one. At first I just scrolled past it as I didn’t like it at a glance, but on a second inspection I have fallen head over heels for the whole ensemble!

I love the quirky floral waistcoat teamed with a black tube dress and knee high socks and boots. Extra points to Katy for the attention to detail; fringing on the boots, knotted necklace and giant cuff.

I’ve decided from now on in the Style Crush feature, I won’t just limit myself to one shop, but instead pick pieces from anywhere. This just makes it easier and means I can find things that match the real thing a bit better!

So here are my picks to help achieve Katy’s look.

What do you think? Let me know, and keep your requests coming!

Also, the blog has had a little revamp as you may of noticed! Hope you all like it. I wanted something lighter and fresh for the Summer, and I’m really happy with this theme.

Back tomorrow with my ‘Week In My Wardrobe’ post.

Ciao for now kids!



  1. Love Katy! She's got such a cute, girly style and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously either, which is always a plus in my book. x

  2. oh, i'm so glad you choose katy pezza XD i LOVE her and am obsessed with her song california gurlz! 🙂 her style is awesome, i love the crazy girlyness of it

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