Hello all. It seems like forever since I posted an outfit on here, and part of the reason behind that is because I simply haven’t had chance to take pictures when I have wanted to. I’ve been so busy lately getting back into the swing of uni, and doing overtime at work, so my blog has been a little neglected. Anyway, I have decided to drop the ‘Week In My Wardrobe’ posts for the time being. It was easy to do in Summer whilst I had a lot of spare time on my hands, but now it is getting a bit difficult, and the posts themselves, even though they looked fairly simple, took a lot of time to compile, what with selecting, editing and resizing lots of pictures.

So, I have decided to just do regular outfit posts as and when I have time to. This way, I can focus more on just one outfit and show it in greater detail, so here we go…

This was an outfit I wore last week, and was my only decent one I remembered to photograph, so I thought this would be the best to show. Its very different to my usual style, but I tried to make it my own by adding a trusty vintage printed scarf to make it more ‘me’.

Lumberjack Shirt – Primark

White Jersey Tunic – New Look

Leggings – New Look

Scarf – Vintage Fair

Boots – River Island

Bracelets – Pandora (Birthday Presents!)

Leaf Ring – George @ ASDA

Watch – Selfridges

Let me know what you think of this style of post. Sorry everything keeps changing, but I think this is the best way to do it from now on, and it is something easier so I will be sure to stick at it!

Hope you’re all doing well.



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