Hi all. Just wanted to quickly get a post up to keep you all up to date on what’s happening at the moment! I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but last night was our course fashion show, which we had to organise ourselves with no budget. It went really well, and if I can get hold of some pictures I will be doing a blog post about it soon. I also have my last brief before Christmas to finish and hand in on Wednesday, so until then I won’t be blogging, just so I can give it my full attention. I’ll still be posting a few things on Style Clone, so if you want to read some stuff of mine, make sure you take a look on there. For now though, I leave you with this outfit I sported earlier in the week for a relaxed day, nothing special. Enjoy!

T Shirt – Topshop

Cardigan – George @ ASDA

Trousers with braces – Zara

Scarf – Charity Shop

Necklace – Love Suzie

Ring – Miss Selfridge

Bag – Wallis

Plimsolls – Topshop

Hope you’re all well and I will be back at some point next week!



  1. Hope you are back soon kitten and will keep reading style clones as I love the feature's and that. This outfit is amazing I love the scarf and those trouser are so cool, I must have a look in Zara 🙂 Hope you are well kitten xxxxx

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