I seem to be pretty much on the mend now. I’m no longer spending my days in bed feeling sorry for myself. Instead I’m just left with a bit of cough and nasty headaches. Fingers crossed they will soon be gone!

Here is a quick outfit that I wore yesterday, featuring my new House Of Holland suspender tights. These are the ones with the houses and chimneys making the ‘suspender’. I love them so much but have already laddered them on the first wear. Luckily its not too noticeable so I should be able to get another couple of wears out of them. Not great for a £12 pair of tights!

Cardigan – Topshop

T shirt – Topshop

Shorts – Vintage Levis from COW @ Manchester

Tights – House Of Holland @ ASOS

Black Owl Ring – New Look

Red Stone Ring – Topshop

Green Stone Ring – Miss Selfridge

Bunny Ring – Primark

Bracelets – Pandora and Vintage Fair

I’m also wearing my new Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in number 31, Cambon. It was a Christmas present from my parents and I love the colour so much.

The whole look is a little different to what I usually wear, but I think it works. Hope you like it!



18 responses to “ABOVE THE CHIMNEY TOPS”

  1. Crafty Nell says:

    Love your cardi and tights, I did exactly the same with a £10 Topshop pair after just 1 wear, so painful! I tried on that Miss Selfridge ring on instore too and got it stuck on my finger, took me so long to get off that I thought it probably wasn't meant to be and popped it back on the rail!

    Penny x

  2. Jessica says:

    That cardigan looks so comfy and warm, and the lipstick really suits you 🙂
    And if you paint the ladder in the tights with clear nail varnish, it'll stop it getting any bigger, so you should be ok to wear them more! 🙂

    Jess xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    I laddered the exact same pair of tights on my first wear too…it wasn't that bad so I wore them on a night out again and when I got home I realised they were in shreds…very very very annoying for such expensive tights that I loved 🙁

  4. ohh dear, i brought these tights but in the chain suspender ages ago before topshop started making theirs :/ but i did the same put my hand right through the top because they are such a low denier, love this outfit though its super cute :] x

  5. Ah gutted about the tights – they look fab too!

    Just out of interest, how much were your cut offs? I've been looking for some for aages now, and can't find any at a decent price – will try COW in brum if it's any cheaper!


  6. Claire says:

    @ Danni
    Hello 🙂 They were a fiver!! I had to really root to find them though, all the blue denim ones were a little more, like anywhere between £7 and £15, so still fairly cheap!

  7. Love the way you're wearing the tights, and you're looking a damn site better than I do post sickness. Hope you shake it off soon.

  8. Hannah says:

    I adore those tights! Such a shame that they laddered so easily, you'd think you'd get a little more for your money's worth! xxx

  9. Love this outfit. I've been lucky with my HOH suspender tights so far but i've been too scared to wear them. I put a tiny ladder in the bandana over the knee ones though on my first wear, gutted!

  10. Victoria says:

    I love those tights! They look great with this outfit

  11. Helen Waugh says:

    Mine laddered, nice to know i'm not the only one. I got a pair similar from M&S on xmas day and stuck my hand through them putting them on. I was so upset 🙁

    Hope you get fully better before uni starts!!!
    Wouldn't want you missing anything lol xx

  12. Steph0188 says:

    Love this, you look EFIN hot girl 🙂
    Love the cardie and the tights are just immense

  13. elle says:

    i love those tights – there are some on ebay for £8 incl. pp 🙂 if you want new ones x

  14. Hannah says:

    I'm going to buy some of these tights Claire! You have made them look so classy…unlike some of the sights of Preston I have seen strutting around in them! haha! Lovely pictures :))

    Much love

  15. Katie says:

    Love that sweater! What a scandalous outfit. Yet comfy and stylin. So fly.

  16. Lauren says:

    My HH tights laddered the first time I put them on 🙁 SO gutted!
    Looking lovely as per!

  17. Love those tights, their what Jessie J wears in her video love em love em love em hahahahaha xxx

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