Today I decided to take myself into the town centre as Dan had given me a little money to treat myself, and I’ve also been paid (yay!). I headed straight to Primark to see what I could find. Primark is a funny one for me lately. I don’t enjoy shopping in there and refuse to spend a lot on the things I buy, but some of the clothes do catch my eye. I remember when Primark first opened in Preston back when I was in high school, and there was very little priced over £5.00. No when I look at the price tags I’m seeing basic dresses for £15.00, which yes, is still cheap, but for the quality that you get I really don’t think its worth it. I’d rather spend an extra fiver and get it elsewhere, knowing it will fit and last longer. However, I thought I’d give it a chance today and see what I could dig out.

Firstly, I got these camel kitten heel shoes for £5.00. I have these in Navy Blue ( I wore them a few posts ago for the Christening last weekend!) so I know they are decent enough, and the colour will take me through to spring/summer too.

I then spied this speckled playsuit in navy blue and took it to the fitting room to try out. It fits really nicely and looked nice a chunky knit cardigan that I took with me over the top. I think I’ll get some good wear out of this as I can wear it with tights and boots, socks and brogues or bare legs and sandals depending on the weather! This was again, £5.00, and also came in a coral colour which really wasn’t me but would look lovely on tanned skin.

I was about to go and pay when I spotted this bird print leotard tucked away under some awful jeans. I’ve been after something that I could wear with all the trousers and maxi skirts I own, and thought this would be ideal. Again, it will see me through most of the year and for another £5.00 I can’t complain. They also has this in a slightly different print, but I think this is the nicer of the two.

I also spotted a beautiful pleated (I am obsessed.) knee length navy skirt in the sale at £3.00, but sadly they didn’t have any left in my size. I was about to give up hope when I spotted the same one on another sale rail in black. I snapped it up fast for, yes, you guessed it, £5.00! So I think I did quite well in Primark as I managed to get some pretty nice, versatile things and nothing was over the £5.oo I used to remember spending 4 or 5 years ago! Result.

Whilst I was out, I also popped over to H&M where I got these two rings. Rings are another obsession of mine. I swear you could deck me out in pleats and rings and I’d be happy. H&M is great for jewellery at the minute, and these rings were great value at £3.99 each. I’ve seen similar in other high street stores starting at around £10.00, so I couldn’t pass these by.

Also in H&M I got a navy blue striped tshirt for £3.99, again to wear tucked in to my skirts and trousers, and a new bird print umbrella for £4.99.

Finally I stopped in Boots and took advantage of their 2 for £5 offer on Barry M nail paints. I got Pink Flamingo and Instant Nail Effects, along with a 17 Fast Finish nail polish in Catwalk Couture. I’ll be trying these out in the next couple of days and will let you know how I get on.

Oh, and our holiday has finally been booked! Dan and I will be jetting off to Rhodes in Greece at the end of August. Holiday shopping trips please!



  1. ahhh! definitely going to have to go to Boots to check out the nail varnish offer! Been hunting for the nail effects for months now and it's always sold out round my way!!
    I nearly got that blue ring from H&M yesterday – I've eyed it up twice now…I quite like the other colours it comes in too!

  2. I've been feeling exaactly the same about Primark – their prices are creeping up slowly, and places like H+M are basically the same price now! Didn't stop me having a spree in there t'other week though…and i found the mens tees were sooo reasonable 🙂

    Love the playsuit you found- can't believe twas only a fiver


  3. i hate the primark at preston, it hardly has any good stuff in when i go in 🙁 i swear the clothes last like 1 day when everyone grabs everything and flees!

    H&M on the other hand is wonderful. they always have what i want 🙂 adore the turquoise ring, and to be honest H&M has gotten cheaper (!) if that's even possible. i always thought they were expensive but i'd rather shop there than primark. (who wouldn't!)

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