You may know that after much deliberation we finally decided on a location for our Summer holiday this year. So, at the end of August, Dan and I will be jetting off to Rhodes in Greece for a lovely 2 weeks stay on the coast. I’ve decided to start shopping for the holiday now, as everything will no doubt be gone nearer the time, so when I spotted these bikinis in my local Primark the other day, I snapped them up fast!

I went for two with quite soft prints, nothing too bold as I have rather pale skin! They were £8.00 a set, which is a lot more than Primark’s bikinis used to be, but still really good value nonetheless.
I can’t wait to be sunning myself on the beach with a good book and a yummy cocktail!

Have you any holidays booked this year? What will you be buying for your hols?



  1. oh how I wish for a holiday- none booked as yet, but there is lots of time 🙂
    I adore bikini shopping. I got a bit OTT, and feel I need a different one for every day I'm there.
    These are lovely xx

  2. I love the palm tree one- i'm fairly pale too so it's be perfect!
    Not sure what the plans are this year, but definitely hoping to bathe in the sun at some point x

  3. Were jetting of to Mexico in august. Like you I can't wait! Already been to Venice and also have a few London weekends booked as well as a long weekend in the lakes. Well you need something to look forward to don't you?!

    Love both of the bikinis.

    X x x

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