A quick, and (very) late post for you all! It’s half past midnight and I really should be asleep as I have a mountain of uni work to work on all day tomorrow, but that is exactly why I am still awake. I’ve just printed and filed my 5000 word fashion report ready for hand in on Monday, and refused to go to bed until it was all perfect. Anyway, today has been a lovely day. Dan gave me a little money from his bonus to treat myself, so I took myself off to Primark and bought some Summer goodies. It was just the pick me up I needed as I’ve been getting so bogged down with all this work and the stress of getting everything done on time and to the best standard I can get it.

I was really pleasantly surprised with Primark today, as within minutes I had filled my basket. Whether it was because I was there just after opening time when everything was untouched and the shop was more or less empty, I don’t know, but it was actually a nice experience to shop there for once! My aim was to get things that I can wear now that the sun is starting to show its face, but also take on holiday in August. I came away with quite a few bits!

Dress £15.00

Chinos – £12.00

Feather Print Vest – £5.00

Boat Print Dress – £5.00

Floral Print Dress – £5.00

Rose Print Dress – £5.00

Headband – I’ve thrown the tag away that was on this, but I think it was £1.50. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Wedges – £3.00 (reduced from £15.00!)

I was so happy to find these wedges in my size. I’ve been after them since they came out last year but could never afford the £15.00 price tag whenever I spotted them. I forgot all about them after I had given up hope, then spied a size 5 in the sale today. I squealed a little when I asked how much they are. £3.00 is a pretty amazing bargain if you ask me!

I met up with my older sister whilst I was out and we went to H&M and Superdrug where I picked up a couple of things.

Friendship Bracelets – £1.99, H&M

Beauty UK Nail Polish in Soft Green – £1.99, Superdrug

After that, we went and had a Chinese for lunch which was a lovely end to a nice morning in town in the sunshine.

What have you been doing to make the most of the weather? What are your thoughts on Primark at the moment?

I’m off to bed now! Will try get an outfit post up tomorrow at some point if I get time!



  1. Lovely haul, especially love the feather vest. What a bargain at a fiver!
    I had a mini spree in Primark today, didnt mean to spend quite as much but I dont really want to take any of it back!

  2. I love EVERYTHING, especially the floral print dress and boots. I don't really shop at primark, and i would never had guessed these were from there! I might have to have a look sometime.

  3. You've some fab primark buys there! Adore the headband and all of the summer dresses- I tried of them one the other day but size was too small so I need to try it in a bigger size!x

  4. Hiya, I've just stumbled across your blog for the first time… Absolutely love it, it's a breath of fresh air in the midst of my work-induced stress 🙂 Also feel like I'm getting vicarious shopping thrills without having to spend a dime. Handy.
    Very jealous of your primark-browsing abilities – everytime I walk in there I never find a single decent thing, but all your finds look lovely! Absolutely love the feather vest. Also ran across your post on Topshop's pin tuck shift dress – I've been eyeing them for absolutely ages. Keep it going, and have a lovely day 🙂
    Steph x

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