Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning and a parcel arrives? That happened to me today, when my eagerly awaited H&M package arrived. I ordered some things about a week ago, and used a 10% off code that I got for signing up to the newsletter. I got a fair amount amount of things, but a lot are for my holiday and were really inexpensive to start with before discount. I couldn’t wait to try them all on, and decided to sport a few of the things today as I’m really impatient like that!

T shirt – H&M

Dress – H&M

LEggings – New Look

Shoes – H&M

Necklace – Maria Allen

Ring – Topshop

I thought this dress would be something I’d have to put away until I have tanned skin on holiday, but I was really surprised when I put it on to see that it actually looked really nice. I think the rust shade of the t shirt tones it down just the right amount. I also got a couple of printed jersey vests, a stripe jersey dress and a ring to replace one I lost a few weeks ago. I’m still awaiting a playsuit that was out of stock when I ordered, and a dress and top that I sent back for exchange. Exciting!

I’ve also got my eyes on a couple of things from their new ‘Conscious Collection‘ that launched yesterday online. It’s made up of some gorgeous crisp, white pieces with some really cute details.

Have you bought anything from H&M recently? What do you think of their latest collection?



  1. i work at h&m, the conscious collection stuff is amazing!!! seriously, if you're interested in ethical fashion it's amazing stuff, it's all recycled and organic material, and so so much prettier than fairtrade stuff!

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