Evening all! It seems like forever since I last posted here. That is mainly down to Blogger being such a pain this past week, and me having a pile of edited to do for my exhibition and portfolio! However, I’ve managed to steal a few moments to let you know what I got up to yesterday, but first, here’s what I wore:

Blouse – St Michael M&S via Charity Shop

Jeans – Topshop via eBay

Shoes – Primark

Bandeau (worn under blouse) – George

Ring & Friendship bracelets – Ruby Rae Love

The blouse was something like £2.00 from a Charity Shop in Garstang, not far from where I live, and I snapped it up when I saw the ditsy floral design. Its a little on the big side for me, but I like that about it. I love wearing baggy blouses tucked into high waist jeans for a Vintage feel.

I wore this to go to the shops and pick up the ingredients to make The Hummingbird Bakery’s famous Red Velvet cupcakes, and to run a few errands also. The day didn’t start off so great after receiving what can only be described as the worst customer service I have ever experienced – EVER – from my local post office owner. I’m not going into detail, but he was extremely rude towards me for no reason and I will be making a complaint! That put me in an awful frame of mind, and the only thing that could cheer me up was to bake the cakes and stuff my self silly. So that’s what I did.

Don’t they look beautiful?

They taste absolutely amazing, but I’m not sure how close they taste to the real deal as I can’t remember exactly what they were like when I had those. I’ll definitely be making them again!

You can find the recipe HERE.

To finish the day off, we ordered Chinese takeaway and watched Britain’s Got Talent, so apart from a little drama, a fairly uneventful day!

What have you all been up to this weekend?


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  1. Mmm those cakes look delicious Claire 🙂 I hope your work is going well, I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibitions in a few weeks!
    Rachelle xxx

  2. i simply adore those shoes on u 🙂
    I made the cakes and they turned out wonderfull thankss 4 the recipie xxxx
    I wanted 2 ask u ..if i were wearing an outfit with the same colors of ur outfit, what color of nailpolish and handbag would go best with it?
    please tell me if questions like this bother you xx

  3. @Sarah_sue
    Hi lovely, I don't mind questions like that at all!
    If it were for daytime I would stick with a nude or camel bag similar to the shoes, and then go for a bright nail polish like a red or a hot pink.
    If it were for night time, I'd wear a statement clutch in red or teal, and nails maybe a deep navy blue.

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