This is a few days later than planned, but I have been crazy busy lately so have had to take a back seat on the blogging scene this past week. I’m still trying to work out when is best for me to blog as my hours at work haven’t yet settled in to a regular pattern. Normal regular blogging should resume soon!

So, as you may have seen me mention, my work has been published in a book! Two of my university tutors have written the book ‘Basics Fashion Design: Styling’, based on the role of a fashion stylist and the whole process of photo shoots. A lot of the imagery is work that has been done by students in the fashion department at UCLAN, where I have just finished my course, Fashion Promotion with Styling. I was very kindly sent a copy by the publishers and thought I would share it with you. I get a lot of questions about my course and my work so I think a lot of you would find this a really interesting book.

The book is split up into many different chapters, covering every aspect of the role of a fashion stylist and what happens on photo shoots. The sections are as follows:

The Fashion Stylist – An Insight into the role, aspects of the job and what to expect from a career in styling.

Essential Research – Covering research techniques, contextual studies and fashion awareness.

Sectors Within Styling – Looking at the various types of styling such as editorial, commercial and still life.

Preparing For A Photoshoot – Everything you need to know about finding the right model, location and of course, clothing!

The Photoshoot In Production – This section gives you an idea about what happens on a shoot day, and what happens in the post production stage such as editing and layouts.

Fashion In Motion – A look in to styling for the internet, films and catwalk, as well as interviews with bloggers such as Clare and Mat who also went to UCLAN.

(Above: my own styling work, photography by Laura Oliver)

I might be a little biased, as the book is jam packed with work by my friends, and my own work is featured in it, but I can’t recommend this book enough. If you’re thinking of studying styling, or pretty much any fashion related course for that matter, I’d definitely say you should get it as it will be so helpful when it comes to doing photo shoots or fashion shows. It also features interviews with people working in the industry so you can get a real insiders view of the various roles. Plus, both of the tutors that wrote this (Clare Buckley and Jacqueline McAssey) are working stylists as well as tutors, so all the information has come from people in the know!

Also, before I was even aware this book was being created, I bought one of the other titles in the range – Basics Fashion Design: Research And Design, which has been really helpful to me for my past three years at uni. I just wish I was still at uni to make proper use of it as it would have been so helpful whilst I was studying!

If you’re interested in getting hold of a copy, it is available from AVA books HERE and is priced at £23.50. Let me know if you get a copy!


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  1. Ooh I will definitely be buying a copy of this! While studying Styling last semester, we were all saying how there isn't a book/guide that incorporates 'theory', photos, illustrations and interviews. So good that you were published in it too 😀 xx

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