First off, I want to let you all know that I am struggling to find the time to do outfit posts at the moment due to starting my full time work, so they won’t appear as often as I would like to. For work I have to wear all black, so my outfits are a little dull and I don’t want to bore you all with the same boring thing every day.

Sorry if my blog seems very ‘PR’ these past few days, but I had posts I needed to do and it just so happens they were one after the other. I worry that people will start to think I’m accepting anything that gets thrown my way but believe me I am not! The Monkee Genes were offered to me by a friend, and I was on the hunt for perfect fitting jeans, so accepted! The Zalando post is simply a giveaway that I was asked to do, which I went ahead with because I love the site and the things it has to offer. I haven’t been paid to write it, and snapped it up because I like to thank my followers with giveaways and that one seemed to suit you! I never accept something that I don’t think I will like or use, or something that I don’t think you guys will appreciate reading about. I get a lot of emails offering products etc and I turn down a lot more than you would think! Sorry to start off on such a ranty note, but I’ve been seeing some comments made and people have said things about the blog that I wasn’t too happy about.

Anyway, I managed to take some (not so great) pictures of my outfit this afternoon. Excuse the messy hair! Curls and rain don’t mix well!

Scallop Vest – Topshop

Vintage Skirt – Thrifted

Vintage Belt – Ryan’s Vintage, Manchester

Wedges – Primark

Necklace – Forever 21

The skirt is actually one I got to sell in my shop but I have decided to keep it for myself. I don’t think its something I would wear very often though so once I’ve washed it I’ll probably sell it! I’ve left it on sale in the shop if anyone would like to give it a good home!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

I’m off to have a bath and relax ready for a busy week!



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