Hi all! Before I start, I want to quickly announce the Zalando giveaway winner. Thanks for all your entries and enthusiasm towards such a fab site with gorgeous clothes!

I used a random number generator to select the winner.

Congratulations to ‘Cotton’!

I have emailed you sweetie!

Do not worry if you didn’t win this time. I have another giveaway lined up for next week so keep your eyes out for that one.

Now on to my thrifty finds! I’m really low on funds at the moment (like ridiculously low. Payday next week, hurrah!) so shopping is pretty much out of the question for me until then. However, last week was my exhibition at uni, and for the opening night I wanted something new to wear. I popped on down to my favourite charity shop with a measly £6.00 in the hope of finding something suitable, and I wasn’t let down! I spied two gorgeous garments, a black round neck floral blouse and a stunning red pleated chiffon skirt.

Floral Blouse – £2.50

Pleated Skirt – £3.00

Both from Charity Shop.

I am especially in love with the skirt! I wore it with a black camisole tucked in, with a nude waist belt to cinch in as it is slightly too big at the waist for me. I got some lovely compliments when I wore it, and will try feature it in an outfit post soon so you can see what it looks like on, as these pictures do it no justice!

In other news, I get my degree result a week today, on the 24th June. I’m so nervous yet sort of excited at the same time for some reason. I got Firsts in both my final project and my business plan. All I am waiting on now are my dissertation and exhibition grades, and obviously my overall result.

So next Friday I will be posting on here to let you know how I do, and good luck to anyone else getting results also!

My work has been featured in a book that has been written by my tutors, and I was sent a copy to review, so that will be the main bulk of Friday’s post.

Also, apologies if my blogging has become a bit sparse as of late. As you know I have started my full time job so I’m still getting used to that, and planning time in to post. I’ve written myself a list of what will be up on the blog in the next week, and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it!

Hope you’re all doing well. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back on Sunday if all goes to plan with an outfit!



  1. I love them especially the skirt what an awesome color , and i really like your handwriting 😉 looks like mine 😀
    and good luck for results day

  2. I have a major craving to go charity shopping now, I might venture out on my lunc break at work. The skirt is such a gorgeous colour!

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