Another scheduled post for you whilst I’m not in the UK.  I wanted to show you a few pieces I picked up in Topman the other day where I work, which you have probably already seen on a million other blogs as they seem to have caught on fast, but I’ll show you nonetheless! These were all in the sale at just £1 each which is completely ridiculous for jewellery in my opinion but I’m not complaining! They’re all pretty long, which is what I like at the minute, and you may have seen one or two in previous posts.

Necklaces – all Topman

I’ve even got my eye on some of the clothes that are coming in for Autumn/Winter. Some of their jumpers would be perfect with a little scalloped collar blouse peeping out worn with some skinny jeans. 
Have you bought anything from a menswear brand before? Did you pick up any of these necklaces in the sale?
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10 comments on “TOPMAN JEWELLERY

  1. I've always been a fan of menswear. I used to always buy cardigans from the mens section, because they were slouchy & comfy & longer, which is how I wanted them. I don't have to so much now, because more of the womens ones are 'boyfriend fit'.
    I also buy lots of mens tshirts. I just like the way they fit better!

    I don't have a Topman near me, so was gutted that I'd missed out on their sale. However when I visited Oxford I thought it was worth a quick look, & ended up getting approx. £65 worth of jewellery, for £7! Couldn't believe it. Didn't see any of the ones you've got there though, I did have an eye out for that double triangle necklace, because I definitely would've snapped that one up (I love it!), but haven't seen that one in store at all.

    I'd also recommend ASOS – it's pretty good for jewellery on the whole, but I've got quite a few mens bit of jewellery from there too! (See, all these years I've had people laughing at me for buying from the mens sections, & now everyone's catching on to what a good idea it is!)


  2. I am obsessed with Topman jewellery!! And it's much cheaper than Topshop (unfair)! I love anything with triangles so these are right up my street. Thanks for sharing lovely and I hope you are having a fabulous holiday 🙂 xx

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