Thought I would show you a few bits I got from H&M recently. You may have seen one of the jumpers in my last outfit post. I’ve started ordering online with H&M purely because they have some good discount codes on from time to time, but I have to say their delivery service is shocking. Expect to wait a while for some things. I ordered a skirt a few weeks back, and the despatch day keeps getting pushed back for some reason. The good thing is though, I choose the option to pay within 40 days, so I don’t get charged for things straight away. I think they definitely need to work on getting their orders out more quickly and smoothly. The clothes are always lovely though so I guess the pros outweigh the cons. Plus I work on an out of town shopping park and the nearest H&M store is in the town centre, which I rarely get chance to go to nowadays, so if I want my H&M fix it tends to be easier to shop online nowadays.

Enough babbling! Here’s what I got:

Jumpers (£14.99 each) – I love, love, love these. I wanted something that was a fine knit and a little loose so that I could layer it over things, and these are perfect for that. These come in loads of colours, and I think I’m going to get the red and grey the next time I order if they’re still around.

Faux Leather Shorts (£14.99) – As soon as I saw these online they went straight into my virtual basket. I’ve wanted some for a while to wear with black opaque tights for work as we have to wear black. These are pretty damn short so I wouldn’t personally wear them without tights, but each to their own! Out of work I would probably wear them with a slouchy top and chunky cardigan, or even one of the jumpers above.

Knitted Headband (£2.99) – Since I’ve had shorter hair I struggle to find hats that will suit me in winter, so I decided to give one of these ago. I love it with my hair curly for a cute alternative. When the weather sorts itself out and gets back to how it should be at the end of September, I’ll be able to wear it properly.

Belt (£3.99) – As you may know, I love the colour mustard yellow, and when Autumn comes around it is everywhere! I thought this would be nice to add a splash of colour to some subtle outfits. I can see it looking lovely with some high waisted dark blue skinny jeans and a nude blouse.

What are your thoughts on H&M online?

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  1. I love love love the H&M website and it gears me up for when I'm actually going shopping but I've gotta agree on the delivery! It's flipping ridiculous. I ordered a pair of trousers & they took over a month to arrive. I think that could be a little more expected if it was free delivery but the fact it's £4… you'd expect to get things in a few days.
    Oops, I ranted.


  2. Love what you got, you've made me want to go shopping. Can't wait to get paid tmrw. I love H & M. Never shopped from them online though, I hardly ever shop for clothes online really. Only if I really like something. xxx

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